What is this all about?

This site allows you to 'cut' your HTML pages into layouts, templates and partials (in rails speak).

What formats are supported?

Currently we only support ERB and HAML, which are the most used ones in Rails development but we plan to support more very soon.

Can I reupload new HTML when designer updates it?

Currently this is not supported, please create a new project for that. We do plan to support it later.

How much does it cost?

The service is free.

What browsers are supported?

Google Chrome, FF 2, FF 3, Safari 4, IE8. Note that it might actually work in other browsers but was not tested :-)

How much time the project is kept and available?

Currently we keep it for at least 1 month since last update. You can see the current expiration date for the project in the sidebar.

Is there a projects list?

No, please bookmark your projects.

How can I make a partial from element content leaving the element's tag in layout?

Choose "content only" when defining a slice.

<div id="bar">
  <div id="foo">
    <!-- content only -->
    <%= render(:patial => "foo") %>

<div id="bar">
  <!-- whole element -->
  <%= render(:patial => "foo") %>
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